Serving our Communities for better

KPMG Chesapeake strives to make a tangible difference to clients, employees, and to the communities where we work and live.

Nora Wheeler

Nora Wheeler

Manager, Community Impact, KPMG US

+1 703-286-2932

KPMG Chesapeake is committed to connecting our community efforts with our firm’s culture—including KPMG’s core values of “Together” and “For Better.”

KPMG Chesapeake develops a community impact strategy rooted in our core values “Together, for Better” and guided by these convictions:

  • A strong community is our responsibility
  • Community involvement builds business leaders
  • Top talent expects thoughtful community impact
  • We will do well by doing good



Honoring Autism Awareness Month: KPMG Chesapeake Neurodiversity Initiative

According to the CDC, about 1 in 54 children is diagnosed with autism each year, and about 80% of adults with autism are unemployed or under-employed. Individuals with autism represent a significant source of untapped talent, including many with technology skills. The KPMG Neurodiversity Initiative serves as the launchpad for the firm’s efforts to leverage neurodiverse talent. 

With this initiative, KPMG aims to make an impact in three key areas:

  • Business. The initiative is delivering business impact both by recruiting neurodiverse talent and by providing partnership opportunities with top-tier clients that share KPMG’s commitment to inclusion and diversity.
  • Social. The initiative is bringing together private and public entities to help solve for social and economic challenges related to neurodiversity.
  • Workplace. Finally, this initiative is working to demonstrate how neurodiversity enhances the workplace in vital ways and fosters inclusion and diversity.

The initiative’s growing portfolio of partnerships includes relationships with Autism Speaks, the largest autism advocacy organization in the U.S.; Melwood, a D.C.-area nonprofit that advocates for and empowers individuals with disabilities; and the Society of Information Managers (SIM), a professional organization of 5,000+ senior IT executives, CIOs, prominent academics, and selected consultants. Additionally, KPMG is forming an Industry Committee made up of clients from Fortune 500 companies. 

2020 Community Impact Highlights

When COVID-19 changed our world, the Washington Nationals Philanthropies organization was able to pivot their energy, influence and platform to get donations where they would do the most good. We focused our COVID-19 giving here because maximizing our impact was all about finding the right partner.

KPMG and local Managing Partner, Tim Gillis will Chair the 2020 Virtual Heart Walk on November 7, 2020 and strive to help them raise $3M.
The legacy of Heart Walk brings together millions of people every year to raise awareness about healthy living, heart disease prevention and this year, lowering risk for COVID-19 complications.

KFFL, KPMG’s community impact program, donates brand new books to K-5 students in underserved neighborhoods. When schools closed in March of 2020, KFFL donated its entire fund to put books at 12+ meal distribution sites in DC, MD and VA so parents could access them for their children.