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Bringing data driven value to nonprofit organizations

Data Citizens with Purpose (DCwP) is the leading way KPMG personnel work Together, For Better with data.

Leveraging pro bono, insights driven D&A projects and hackathons, we expand how nonprofit organizations use their data to better serve their stakeholders and address important ESG related issues. As “Data Citizens” our people (KPMG employees and those interested in KPMG employment) practically apply and sharpen their D&A skills while creating a digital community impact.

The program is currently helping more than 80 nonprofit organizations across the country address a broad range of social, inclusion, diversity and environmental issues.

Bringing data driven value to nonprofit organizations

Nonprofit organizations collect a variety and volume of data, but often lack bandwidth to do analysis and use the insights that can be derived from the data. This is where Data Citizens with Purpose comes in. We work with the client to clearly define the questions that need answers and the data available to answer the questions. We further identify public data that can enhance what the client is already collecting.

During an engagement of 5-10 weeks, our professionals use their knowledge, skill and available tools to analyze the data and prepare insights anchored in a structured analytic approach. These insights often address critically important topics such as: How to measure impact, where to focus volunteers and donors and other insights that help make the nonprofit more effective in their work.


We could not have been more pleased with the services and product we received. For years we had been thinking about how our advisory board standards impacted academy quality and now have in-hand valuable data analysis that we can act upon.
Patricia Brown, Vice President Corporate Engagement and Relations, NAF

First Book works with DCwP to uncover new opportunities

New insights spark action and support equity  

Bringing value to our people

Designed to deepen employees’ understanding of data, analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI), our Data Literacy Program helps Advisory professionals deliver meaningful data-driven insights to clients. Professionals participating in the literacy program will complete at least one Data Citizens with Purpose pro bono project to help apply their skills working with an nonprofit with which they have a connection.

Being a part of the Data Citizens with Purpose project has been wonderful. I have always wanted to be able to leverage my technical and data skills to make a difference. It's been a pleasure to work with our DCwP client…while growing my D&A skills.
Rachel Wagner-Kaiser, Director, KPMG Lighthouse

Bringing value to the community...digitally

In an increasingly digital and virtual world, nonprofit organizations seek the time and talents of volunteers despite not being in-person. Data Citizens with Purpose provides a meaningful way for our people to be engaged in the community and provide services and insights that are specific to the organization being served.

Data Citizens with Purpose pro bono engagements have helped multiple organizations as they seek to better understand their impact, enhance their program offerings, and attract and retain donors who are most interested in their mission.

Based on the expected enrollment in the Data Citizens with Purpose program, we anticipate being able to provide over 40,000 hours of data & analytics pro bono services to nonprofits across the U.S. This program has proven that even in this complex time, we can safely create a positive impact in the communities we serve.
Carl Carande, Vice Chair - Advisory, KPMG LLP

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