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Bringing data driven value to nonprofit organizations

Data Citizens with Purpose (DCwP) is the leading way KPMG personnel work Together, For Better with data.

Through pro bono engagements, we provide data driven insights to expand how nonprofit organizations serve their stakeholders and address important ESG issues. In fiscal year 2022, we delivered 42 projects that provided more 220 professionals an opportunity to use their skills and knowledge with community organizations. Additionally, we offer a variety of data and analytic experiences to university students as next generation leaders learn to use data to address a variety of ESG challenges.

Data Makes the Difference for our clients, our people and our communities.

Bringing data driven value to nonprofit organizations

Nonprofit organizations collect a variety and volume of data, but often lack bandwidth to do analysis and use the insights that can be derived from the data. This is where Data Citizens with Purpose comes in. We work with the client to clearly define business questions that need answers and help identify data available to answer the questions. Where needed, we identify public data that can enhance what the client is already collecting.

During a 6-8 week project, our professionals use a structured analytic approach and available tools to assess client data, and where appropriate public data, to identify insights that help our clients improve their service delivery and stakeholder engagement.


Anne Gross (Lead, Data Citizens with Purpose), Brian Murphy (COO, Gift of Adoption Fund), Elise Adreon (Advisory Associate), Rachel Gatto (Advisory Manager) meet for the first time at Gather for the Gift.
The KPMG Data Citizens with Purpose program team used our data to answer several important questions for our organization. Their data analysis also revealed some important business insights that will help guide the next phase of our mission delivery strategy and program development. The team was a pleasure to work with and we are grateful for their high level of professionalism and the systematic approach to the project.
Brian Murphy, CFO/COO, Gift of Adoption Fund

First Book works with DCwP to uncover new opportunities

New insights spark action and support equity  

Bringing value to our people

Data Citizens with Purpose provides opportunities for skilled professionals to work alongside those developing their data and analytic acumen to grow in their ability to provide data-driven insights to clients, and meaningful nonprofit organizations in our communities.

Participating in Data Citizens with Purpose was a very rewarding experience. The client was always enthusiastic during our touchpoints, and that translated to great energy from the team and a renewed understanding of the value that we can bring to our clients.
Alison Thompson, Senior Associate, Advisory

Bringing value to the next generation – University Innovation Programs

We curate experiential learning opportunities, including capstones, challenges, and classroom exercises that are delivered to University Students in an effort to enhance their digital literacy, as they explore future careers.

Sprinterns visiting KPMG’s Chicago Innovation Lab in May 2022.
Everyone who was involved was extremely dedicated, helpful, and enthusiastic when it came to making our time at KPMG the best experience. Everyone went above and beyond to assist us as well as helping us gain knowledge in the real world.
Break Through Tech Chicago Sprinternship Participant

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