Environmental Sustainability



At KPMG, we are engaged and focused on environmental sustainability as an essential element of our business strategy and corporate responsibility strategy.  KPMG is committed to “living green” as we work to implement environmentally sustainable principles and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, as well as to address local environmental challenges through pro bono efforts, grants and volunteerism.

Our strategy focuses on energy efficiency and reducing air travel, which represent over 80 percent of our carbon footprint.  We are committed to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, educating our people on sustainable behaviors, and being environmental stewards in the communities in which we live and work.

KPMG announces comprehensive Impact Plan, inculding target of net-zero carbon by 2030

As part of our continued focus on delivering growth in a sustainable way and providing climate solutions for member firms, clients and society, KPMG developed a comprehensive Impact Plan to address the Planet, People, Prosperity, and Governance. Success in one of these requires success in all.


Our impact

Fiscal Year 2020

Our people engage in environmental efforts in their communities through the Living Green Network, an employee-led initiative to improve collective impact.


donated to environmental causes



trees planted to celebrate new hires since 2013

Sustainability Services

KPMG supports clients on their sustainable business model journey, helping them to better understand evolving climate change and sustainability policy as well as regulatory and business environment risks and opportunities.  Our professionals assist with sustainability strategy and implementation plans, governance framework, integrated reporting processes and more. Learn more about how KPMG can help you align and own ESG goals.


Video highlights

Forever changed

Inspired by an eye-opening journey to the Arctic, KPMG professional Lauren Napheys is working to preserve the planet.


When solar energy saves lives

Volunteers from the KPMG in Los Angeles office help install green energy technology at a nonprofit for homeless women.