Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

KPMG’s commitment to DEI is a strategic imperative and is rooted in our vision to have a diverse workforce in which our professionals can reach their fullest potential in an inclusive work environment.

2023 KPMG U.S. Impact Plan

At KPMG, we know that how we grow matters – that how we do business is just as important as what we do. Our commitments to people, planet, and prosperity are supported by transparency around our culture, sustainable practices, and governance principles.

“I have always believed there is no limit to how great KPMG can be, especially when our people feel free to bring their full, authentic selves to work every day - sharing their ideas and passions in ways that enrich our culture, bring value to our clients, strengthen our communities, and drive the firm’s success.”

–  Paul Knopp, Chair & CEO, KPMG U.S.


Investing in our talent

We know our people are our most valuable asset. At KPMG, we cultivate the intellectual capital of unique skills, backgrounds, and experiences of our values-driven workforce to provide innovative solutions while enabling our professionals to thrive in their careers.

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KPMG Culture and Values

There is nothing more important than our culture because it’s an investment in our people, in our future, in who we are, and what we stand for.

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KPMG's commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion

Accelerate 2025

Accelerate 2025 is a targeted exercise to tackle one essential dimension of KPMG’s overall diversity, equity and inclusion agenda — ensuring that more individuals from underrepresented groups choose KPMG as their employer of choice, build careers at KPMG, and advance to leadership positions within our firm and within the profession.


Fostering a culture of inclusion and belonging

We strive to ensure all our people can bring their full, authentic selves to work each and everyday. This requires an increased awareness and appreciation across differences so we can better support each other.



Business Resource Groups

KPMGs Business Resource Groups (BRGs) are partner-  and employee-led communities that support the firm’s Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion strategy.  BRGs promote the engagement and the professional development of their members in support of the firm’s business objectives, while providing value to our people and the firm. 


  • Engages a community of peers, allies, and leaders
  • Amplifies mentoring, career coaching, and sponsorship
  • Expands networking, both internally and externally
  • Offers professional and leadership development
  • Supports a one-firm, collaborative approach to teaming
  • Provides a pathway for meaningful engagement through Community Impact


  • Strengthens the culture and experience of belonging
  • Enhances the ability to attract quality talent
  • Supports engagement, retention, and career enrichment
  • Fosters innovation
  • Promotes best-in-class investments for Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion



KPMG leverages our BRGs as a strategic resource to build and foster an inclusive workplace environment, where professionals are valued and respected, given the opportunity to thrive, and empowered to contribute to the firm’s overall success. Examples of representative activities for each BRG are included below.

African Ancestry

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AA BRG Mentoring Circles

To support the growth and development of our Black professionals, the African Ancestry Business Resource Group launched a Mentorship Circle program. Designed to guide and support our early-career professionals as they adjust to new or changing expectations and expanded responsibilities, the program also provides professionals at all levels with additional tools and resources to successfully navigate their careers. 

As importantly, the Mentorship Circle creates opportunities for allies to deepen their awareness of their Black colleagues’ lived experiences, and apply the insights they’ve gleaned through advocacy.

Since the inception of the program, mentors and mentees alike have provided positive feedback about their experiences in the program.

Abilities in Motion

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Our Abilities in Motion (AIM) BRG was quick to publish a mental well-being guide at the onset of the pandemic, providing our members with a single place to access firm resources, including our Employee Assistance Program and links to recorded sessions on topics including stress management. This guide was subsequently incorporated into a broader version distributed firmwide. Additionally, AIM expanded our recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month, with a focus on different topics each week through articles and stories published  on our internal portal, short videos featuring our members and larger, nationwide webcasts on topics including fighting the stigma of mental illness, understanding depression, supporting family members with mental health issues and stress management at work. As a result, AIM’s membership has grown significantly during FY20, with local chapters continuing to host sessions on various topics, often partnering with other BRGs.


Asian Pacific Islander

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One of the most significant opportunities for our API BRG constituency is an acknowledgement that there is an under-representation of API talent in leadership, which brings us one step closer to efforts that effectuate change. We need our people to see what they want to and can be.  As a signatory of the Ascend COVID-19 5-Point Action Agenda, we also reiterated our commitment to speak up against acts of intolerance and racism against Pan-Asians and all people, and address the adverse impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hispanic Latinx

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The HL BRG familia grew significantly during 2020, engaging members with their Executive Speaker Series, which features directors and partners sharing cultural perspectives and professional success stories. Several United States and Puerto Rico members are also having career enriching experiences with secondments and rotations in other countries, including the UK, Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland, China and Australia. 


KPMG Network of Women 

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The Women’s Advisory Board launched Career Life Strategies (CLS) more than a decade ago to develop and support our women at the senior associate level as they manage work and personal commitments to avoid unintentional off ramping from their careers.

In 2020, CLS was expanded and offered twice (Summer and Winter) to all KNOW senior associate women as three virtual sessions, for a total investment of six hours. The curriculum was tailored to focus on strategies that support managing professional aspirations and personal commitments, essential to working in a virtual environment. Each session focused on a different theme, including strategic career planning and personal branding; authentic leadership; and energy and capacity management. More than 750 women participated in the sessions, and feedback across the sessions was overwhelmingly positive.  


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The US pride@kpmg annual conference was elevated to host the first ever KPMG Global Pride Conference. The three-hour virtual event engaged member firms in numerous countries and provided the opportunity to hear from KPMG International Global Chairman Bill Thomas and U.S. Chair Paul Knopp, who shared their thoughts on inclusion and the importance of bringing one’s true self to the workplace. Learning sessions were provided by PFLAG, an external thought partner. In addition, pride@kpmg played an integral role in the firm’s gender-neutral code, use of pronouns in email signatures, as well as our enhanced self-ID campaign. 


KPMG Veterans

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KPMG’s Veterans Business Resource Group has actively partnered with Vetlanta, a community-based organization focused on veteran social and business networking, to sponsor Vets-Talk, a web-based engagement platform designed to share impactful stories from the veteran community.  The platform is open to all active duty, reservists and guardsmen, transitioning veterans, family members and allies, and provides the opportunity for them to share how their experiences, both in and out of the military, have shaped their own lives and influenced others. Importantly, the partnership enables us to reach out to the veteran community to help them identify potential career opportunities and support their re-entry into the workforce.

Our impact

Over 13,500

partners and employees are members of one or more BRG/Inclusion Council. They are open to everyone and provide:

  • Meaningful opportunities to develop cross-business relationships
  • Career-enriching experiences through professional and leadership development programs
  • Engagement with client peer groups for external networking
  • Community involvement

Over 50%

of BRG members identify as allies

An ally is an active advocate who plays a critical role in ensuring an inclusive workplace – they may be a friend, supporter, or collaborator and extends to all BRGs. Members may also identify a specific community within a BRG (e.g., caregiver as a part of Abilities in Motion). These communities allow the firm to better serve targeted needs and customize programs and resources.



The choice for clients, suppliers, and community partners


We are proud of the external recognition that we have received over the years that further demonstrates our commitment to inclusion and diversity.

Making a Difference in our communities and in industry 

Community Impact

KPMG Community Impact and KPMG U.S. Foundation, Inc. Report

KPMG Community Impact and KPMG U.S. Foundation, Inc. Report

Board Leadership Center

Delivering thought leadership through a board lens

Delivering thought leadership through a board lens

Supplier Diversity Program

Our values in action

Our values in action