KPMG Supplier Diversity

Our Values in Action

KPMG’s supplier diversity strategy includes expecting our suppliers to endorse inclusive supply chains. KPMG is committed to maintaining a diverse supplier base and building relationships with those suppliers that reflect the market, clients and communities we serve.

KPMG embraces businesses that are qualified and certified as minority-owned (MBE); women-owned (WBE); disability-owned (DBE); veteran-owned (VBE); service-disabled veteran-owned; and/or, lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender-owned (LGBTBE).

Become a Registered Supplier

We seek vendors who will enhance KPMG value and drive a competitive business advantage. To this end, we are expanding and maximizing the utilization of our network of certified—meaning at least 51% owned, operated and controlled by—minority, woman, LGBT, disabled, and veteran-owned businesses.

If you are a diverse-certified supplier and interested in doing business with us, the first step is to register your business at our SupplierOne website.

  • Use Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge for the best user experience
  • To the left of the bottom of screen you will see “Begin Your Registration.” Type in your company name.
  • If not listed, click on “Register Now” and fill in your company’s information to complete registration.

Registering with our Supplier Inclusion program allows our category managers and internal stakeholders to access your company’s information but is not a guarantee of future business. 


Ethical Principles for Suppliers

We believe that corporate responsibility means conducting business with the highest level of professionalism and integrity. We expect our business partners to embrace the values and commitments set forth in our Code of Conduct to support our mutual success.

KPMG Partnerships

KPMG is a national corporate member of the following resource and advocacy organizations:


Supplier Diversity is a proud contributor to the KPMG Inclusion, Equity & Diversity accomplishments, which exemplify how we set the bar for the industry and have done so for almost a century. Some of the recent awards and recognition we have received include: