Stories of Impact: Rudy Favard - an advocate for inclusion

Manager Joe DeProspero shares how he was inspired by an act of allyship from his KPMG colleague Rudy Favard

Claudia Saran

Claudia Saran

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Video transcript

Rudy Favard is the kind of person who you meet once, and you never forget. He was working at a campus recruiting event and there was a teenager who was transgender and did not feel comfortable, and Rudy did something so simple, but so powerful.

Rudy simply printed out a new name tag to this person that had their preferred name on the tag, and it changed the whole trajectory of this person's day and probably their life.

He does things in his life that I think we all should be doing.

We often talk at KPMG about the power of our people. We want people who are going to go above and beyond and be inspirations and be gravitational, and for me, Rudy is that person and he's really part of the fabric of what makes KPMG great.

Rudy, thank you for inspiring me!


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