Principles of Governance

Our governance strategy focuses on upholding best-in-class professional standards, identifying and mitigating risks, and operating with effective controls.


Championing an integrated governance model

At the core of our business, our people are central to the implementation of our governance strategy. We prioritize resources to train our people to be ethical decision-makers who adhere to laws, regulations, professional standards, and firm policies.

Audit quality

Fostering a strong, ethical business culture

Our collaborative, people-centric approach means that our people are empowered at all levels to meet challenges with solutions that fit the particular business, team, and capital market, while grounded in our culture of innovation, leadership, and integrity.

With a focus on technology, we drive quality, efficiency, and insights in every step of the audit process.


Governance by the numbers


Members of KPMG’s U.S. Board of Directors who are part of underrepresented groups


Members of KPMG’s Management Committee who are part of underrepresented groups


Our Five Lines of Responsibility followed by each KPMG professional at every level to manage risk


Ethical behavior

We foster a culture of integrity at KPMG as we work to achieve our trust and growth ambitions. This means fostering a speak-up culture where everyone feels comfortable raising concerns, as well as developing an ethics training curriculum and resources that support our people’s decision-making.

Our commitments

  • Set the bar for ethics and integrity in professional services by fostering a culture where all our people behave ethically and feel empowered to speak up without hesitation to address difficult situations, hold each other accountable, and ensure we constantly improve
  • Continue to enhance our governance model centered on integrity above all else
  • Lead the profession in audit quality