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2023 KPMG U.S. Impact Plan

Our 2023 U.S. Impact Plan demonstrates the strength of our commitments to progress in the areas of people, planet, and prosperity through transparency around our culture, sustainable practices, and the governance principles guiding our work.

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Data appendix

Our data appendix consolidates our response to the World Economic Forum (WEF) International Business Council (IBC) Stakeholder Capitalism core metrics and includes links to where data can be found within our plan or supporting documentation. This document also contains all the data tables included in the plan itself.

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Materiality assessment

Our ESG efforts have been, and will continue to be, informed by the results of a materiality assessment conducted to better understand the issues that matter most to our core stakeholders. This document discusses our approach to this assessment and its key findings.

  • In 2022, we conducted our first comprehensive ESG materiality assessment with the knowledge that the topics that matter most to our internal and external stakeholders and operations can shift readily in response to changing market conditions. We plan to conduct full materiality assessments every 3-4 years going forward, with strategic interim assessments conducted every year in between.
  • In 2023, we conducted our first interim materiality refresh and it has informed the strategic thinking in our 2023 U.S. Impact Plan. Based on the refresh findings, we have consolidated “climate change” and “greenhouse gas emissions” into a combined “climate change & emissions” material area. 
    • Note, the 2022 assessment continues to provide the comprehensive analysis of our material areas and should be considered our primary supporting documentation.

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Statement of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions

This statement of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions accompanies the 2023 KPMG U.S. Impact Plan and provides information about the GHG emissions disclosed in that report. It explains how data was collected and calculations performed, what constraints and limits were in place, and the context for the overall report.

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KPMG U.S. Audit Quality Report

This year, we introduce our new Audit Quality Report digital site. Going forward, instead of just a moment-in-time annual report, we will provide ongoing updates on the actions we are taking to promote audit quality. Our goal is to inform all of our stakeholders, in real-time, about how our strategy and investments deliver audits that are consistently executed within a strong system of quality control and aligned to professional standards.

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At a glance


2023 disclosure

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People at a glance

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Planet at a glance

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Prosperity at a glance

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2022 Impact plan

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People pillar at glance

Our approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is designed to unlock the power of our people and grow our firm the right way.

Planet pillar at glance

From procuring renewable energy and advancing climate reporting tools to protecting our planet’s biodiversity and driving down emissions, we are prioritizing environmental sustainability at all levels of our firm.

Audit quality report

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Prosperity pillar at glance

Driven by our purpose, inspired by our values, and with every function, skill, and background working together, we bring the depth and breadth of our firm to each and every engagement.

Governance pillar at glance

Our governance strategy is informed by the role we play as a steward of the capital markets and focuses on upholding best-in-class professional standards, identifying and mitigating risks, and operating with effective controls.

Principles of governance at a glance

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