Principles of governance

How we do things as a firm matter. This includes how we conduct ourselves and our business, how we meet the needs of our clients, how we serve the capital markets, and how our multidisciplinary model brings our quality service delivery to bear.

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Trust and integrity across the business

Our deep commitment to independence and objectivity means that we bring our culture of integrity to all our functions, teams, and engagements. Our governance structure is critical to achieving our ESG commitments, unlocking value, mitigating risks, building stakeholder trust, and developing our people. We’re proud to have leading governance protocols consistent with our role in serving the public interest. 

Our commitments:

  • Set the bar for ethics and integrity in professional services by fostering a culture where all our people behave ethically and feel empowered to speak up without hesitation to address difficult situations, hold one another accountable, and ensure we constantly improve
  • Continue to enhance our governance model centered on integrity 
  • Lead the profession in audit quality

Audit quality

We ensure our culture drives people at all levels to meet challenges with customized solutions grounded in innovation, leadership, and integrity.

With a focus on technology, we drive quality, efficiency, and insights in every step of the audit process. Our client engagements leverage modern data and analytics capabilities, activating more advanced and differentiated processes throughout the audit. In parallel, through the Engagement Management Lifecycle, our engagement teams across Audit and Tech Assurance are transforming our systems, guiding teams toward best practices to standardize controls, leverage technologies, and measure progress. 


Governance by the numbers


representation of underrepresented groups on our board of directors


representation of underrepresented groups on our management committee


Ethical behavior

How we align our Values and prepare to meet our clients’ needs matters. Our culture and everyday actions demonstrate our dedication to ethical behavior. 

This year, we focused on helping our people feel empowered to speak up through ethical leadership, increasing risk mitigation measures, providing expanded innovative and research-based learning opportunities, deepening partnerships with our business functions, and upgrading systems, processes, and controls.