Join us for Google Cloud Next20 | OnAir

Google Cloud Next20 | OnAir

We’re joining Google Cloud as they bring the best of their cloud technology to our clients. Starting Tuesday, July 14, join us for Google Cloud Next ‘20: OnAir, a compelling multi-week series with fresh content each week, showcasing the latest in cloud technology and innovation. Learn how the world’s leading companies are solving their biggest challenges, and hear firsthand how their digital transformation journeys have prepared them for this moment.

While we may not be together in person, Next OnAir is the can’t-miss opportunity to connect, collaborate, and get inspired as a community to solve the most important challenges facing businesses today. Learn how the KPMG Google Cloud alliance is preparing for a new world.

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KPMG is a global network of independent member firms offering advisory services to help clients translate their vision into a business-driven Cloud strategy. 

Find out how the KPMG Google Cloud alliance supports clients with the digital transformation journey in Healthcare and Life Sciences.

KPMG and Google Cloud provide the experience, insight, technologies, and capabilities to deliver the right results for our clients:

  • Enabling growth
  • Driving operational and cost efficiencies
  • Enhancing consumer and employee experience

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Find out more about KPMG and Google Cloud in Healthcare and LIfe Sciences


Developing in and for the cloud enables IT groups  to deploy new solutions, gather rapid feedback,  and evolve solutions while helping reduce risk and increase quality. Companies using—or considering—Google Cloud Platform can leverage KPMG guidance to realize these benefits faster. 

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Embracing cloud platforms at scale can expose your organization to risks, but KPMG’s Technology Risk professionals can help you convert risk into opportunity. KPMG’s professionals take a broad and deep view of security, risk, and compliance—from controls and governance to pragmatic experience implementing and operating cloud platforms.

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Cloud AI

As part of its alliance with Google Cloud, KPMG leverages a broad suite of ML-powered tools and cognitive services that speed up integration, development, and deployment. Because Google Cloud is open by design, its APIs enable integrations to almost limitless platforms and channels.

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Tremendous growth in the number of connected devices, the promise of 5G, and rapidly evolving methods of using and analyzing data have ushered in a new age of enlightenment driven by insights gained from connecting customer, strategic, and operational data.

This, combined with data storage costs at near zero and data transfer and processing costs declining, means there are near-limitless opportunities for organizations to uncover actionable insights.

Unleashing data’s power requires elevating it to the status of a strategic asset. Yet, many companies are faced with numerous challenges that prevent successful outcomes from it, including unclear rules of engagement among key technology leaders, data fluency, lengthy data curation cycles, complex and siloed system architectures across organizations.

But where to begin? KPMG recommends these steps as a launching point for your own efforts.

  • create a data value proposition grounded in business imperatives
  • clarify IT function accountabilities built into the operating model
  • start your organization’s data literacy journey
  • manage the cultural shift.

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Preparing for a new world with KPMG and Google Cloud

Find out how the KPMG Google Cloud alliance supports clients with the digital transformation journey


Next OnAir

Bringing the best of Google Cloud technology to you. Explore curated content on demand, every Tuesday.

Bringing the best of Google Cloud technology to you. Explore curated content on demand, every Tuesday.


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