April 28-29, 2020

Red Hat Summit 2020 - Virtual experience

Virtual | Online, CA

Steve Hill

Steve Hill

Principal, Global Head of Innovation, KPMG US

+1 212-909-5659

KPMG speaking session

Ignite your AI with OpenShift

KPMG developed a Data and AI platform called KPMG Ignite. Ignite is KPMG's portfolio of AI capabilities, focused on automating, accelerating and enhancing solutions to challenging business problems. Ignite follows an enterprise open source philosophy that leverages containers at its core for application abstraction. The Ignite AI platform enables data management, model build/model management, solution development, solution deployment, & business enablement. Ignite at its core is a data science and engineering platform but also allows for business user enablement to ensure the human remains in the loop. In our effort to help support our clients’ data and AI journey, KPMG looked to Red Hat OpenShift to help our clients leverage and deploy KPMG Ignite anywhere.



Kevin Martelli, Principal, I&ES, KPMG

James Gardner, Director, Data & Analytics, KPMG


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