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ServiceNow Knowledge 2021

Joe Koester

Joe Koester

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For the tenth consecutive year KPMG was a premier sponsor of the ServiceNow Knowledge 2021 virtual conference. We joined over 75,000 IT, HR, and security professionals to learn leading practices, experience hands-on training, and hear about the latest innovations on the platform during the ServiceNow Global User Conference May 11–20, 2021.

As a premier sponsor, ServiceNow hosted a KPMG Players page where you can now watch, listen and learn on-demand from leading technology strategists on how to become a business broker, integrator, and orchestrator of enterprise services by leveraging KPMG Connected, Powered, Trusted services enabled by ServiceNow.

Here is what’s on the agenda for KPMG during Knowledge 2021.

  • Connected.
  • Powered.
  • Trusted.


Rebuild your business around your customers to create a borderless organization, where people and technology interact for new levels of productivity and generate business value at every stage of the journey. Align and empower your workforce. Engineer secure architectures to enable agile, high-speed innovation. Watch how KPMG is connecting business using the ServiceNow platform.

Comcast: Session #1638

Agent Experience: Leveraging an intelligent workflow, transforming the support experience 

More than 4000 frontline agents support Comcast’s retail and medium-sized businesses (SMB) subscribers of triple-play services (Voice, Video, Data). Join a discussion on how KPMG helped Comcast deploy a “choose your own adventure” self-service portal and case workflow to allow frontline to serve and deflect more than 50% of escalations to triage agents.

Leveraging the Customer Service Management capabilities and customer development with App Engine (line of questioning enabled self-service) the application has allowed frontline agents to self-serve based on access to the right knowledge articles. The application has allowed the Triage and Security group to consolidate across all the divisions drastically improving efficiency across the 3 divisions.


Srirama Damaraju, Managing Director, Advisory, KPMG LLP

JJ Grasso, Sr. Director, IS Business Ops Improvements at Comcast

Steve Schwartz, Director of Engineering, Technology and Product eXperience at Comcast



Harness the latest technologies, leading business practices and tested solutions for a smarter, faster path to nimble, scalable business functions and the right operating model. Listen to KPMG ServiceNow Certified Master Architect discuss how KPMG powered the state department, fostered citizen development and built a right-sized lean governance model. 

KPMG Session #1812

Citizen Development: What, Why and How

Citizen Development has been characterized as the key to unlocking the digital transformation potential of your organization. But what is Citizen Development, why do organizations explore it and how do you do if effectively?

Join KPMG Certified Master Architects, Niels Backx and Brajendra Gupta, as they demystify key concepts around Citizen Development and discuss the latest trends we are seeing in the market.  Topics will include:

  • What is a "citizen"?
  • Business agility vs governance
  • How do you onboard a new “citizen” and what are the guard rails?


Brajendra Gupta, Certified Master Architect at KPMG

Niels Backx, Certified Master Architect at KPMG



Embed a balanced approach to risk into your transformation cycle, securing stakeholder confidence and regulatory compliance that enable responsible growth, bold innovation and high performance. Learn how KPMG and ServiceNow are helping organizations build resilience and establish stakeholder trust.

On demand: Fireside Chat with KPMG & ServiceNow: Session #1612

The Trusted Imperative

There is a return on trust for businesses who get it right. Learn why trust is so important in the current landscape and how businesses are pushing to accelerate digital adoption while building and maintaining trust with their key stakeholders. In this fireside chat, we’ll also discuss how executives across business and IT are building a foundation to respond in a dynamic risk and regulatory environment so that their organizations can drive responsible growth, bold innovation and sustainable advances in performance and efficiency.  


Lisa Rawls, Americas GRC Technology Service Network Leader, KPMG LLP

Vasant Balasubramanian, VP & GM of Risk, ServiceNow



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