June 13 -16, 2022

KPMG at Snowflake Summit 2022

Cesears Forum Conference Center in Las Vegas, NV

Event overview

Join KPMG, along with 10,000 Snowflake partners, customers, and industry peers, to network, collaborate, and obtain essential knowledge about emerging trends in data and analytics.  Join this years event to learn valuable insights into the world of data collaboration.

KPMG session

How data cloud can disrupt M&A

Thousands of companies are already using data cloud to improve performance.  So far, most deal makers have been missing out.  The impact on M&A could be transformational - not only for diligence, but also for integration and performance improvement.


Per Edin

Per Edin

Principal, TMT Strategy, KPMG US

+1 408-367-6080

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Stop by the KPMG Booth to learn how the alliance between KPMG and Snowflake helps organizations use data management as a lever to deliver business value and cost savings. KPMG guides clients through data-driven, cloud-based business transformations and projects using Snowflake’s data cloud to deliver speed, scale, ease-of-use, and lower costs.

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Daniel Fisher

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