June 26-29, 2023

KPMG at Databricks Data + AI Summit 2023

Moscone Center | San Francisco, CA

Join KPMG at Databricks Data + AI Summit

KPMG is a proud sponsor of Databricks Data + AI Summit 2023, Databrick’s premier event for the global data community to understand their potential and shape the future of your industry with data and AI.

If you are planning to attend Databricks Data + AI Summit 2023, don’t forget to stop by the KPMG booth and add our speaking sessions to your agenda. Learn how KPMG and Databricks can unify your data, analytics and AI on one platform.

KPMG speaking sessions

Multi-cloud enterprise delta sharing and governance using Unity Catalog at S&P Global

Cloud technologies have revolutionized global data access across a number of industries. However, many enterprise organizations face challenges in adopting these technologies effectively, as comprehensive cloud data governance strategies and solutions are complex and evolving – particularly in hybrid or multi-cloud scenarios involving multiple third parties. KPMG and S&P Global have harnessed the power of Databricks Lakehouse to create a novel approach. By integrating Unity Catalogue, Delta Sharing, and the KPMG Modern Data Platform, S&P Global has enabled scalable, transformative cross-enterprise data sharing and governance. This demonstration highlights a collaboration between S&P Global Sustainable1 (S1) ESG program and the KPMG ESG Analytics Accelerators to enable large-scale SFDR ESG portfolio analytics. Join us to discover our solution that drives transformative change, fosters data-driven decision-making, and bolsters sustainability efforts in a wide range of industries.

Dr. Niels Hanson, Director, Advisory LIghthouse, KPMG
Dennis Tally, Executive Director, Digital Management, KPMG

Apache Spark™ Streaming and Delta Live Tables accelerates KPMG clients for Real Time IoT Insights

Unplanned downtime in manufacturing costs firms up to a trillion dollars annually. Time that materials spend sitting on a production line is lost revenue. Even just 15 hours of downtime a week adds up to over 800 hours of downtime yearly. The use of Internet of Things or IoT devices can cut this time down by providing details of machine metrics. However, IoT predictive maintenance is challenged by the lack of effective, scalable infrastructure and machine learning solutions. IoT data can be the size of multiple terabytes per day and can come in a variety of formats. Furthermore, without any insights and analysis, this data becomes just another table.

The KPMG Databricks IoT Accelerator is a comprehensive solution enabling manufacturing plant operators to have a bird’s eye view of their machines’ health and empowers proactive machine maintenance across their portfolio of IoT devices. The Databricks Accelerator ingests IoT streaming data at scale and implements the Databricks Medallion architecture while leveraging Delta Live Tables to clean and process data. Real time machine learning models are developed from IoT machine measurements and are managed in MLflow. The AI predictions and IoT device readings are compiled in the gold table powering downstream dashboards like Tableau. Dashboards inform machine operators of not only machines’ ailments, but action they can take to mitigate issues before they arise. Operators can see fault history to aid in understanding failure trends, and can filter dashboards by fault type, machine, or specific sensor reading.

MacGregor Winegard, Director, Advisory Lighthouse, KPMG

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