May 23-25, 2023

KPMG at Red Hat Summit 2023

Boston Convention and Exhibition Center | Boston, MA


Join KPMG at Red Hat Summit 2023

KPMG is a proud Emerald sponsor of Red Hat Summit 2023, Red Hat’s premier enterprise open-source event for IT professionals to learn, collaborate, and innovate on technologies from the datacenter and public cloud to the edge and beyond.

If you are planning to attend Red Hat Summit 2023, meet us at our KPMG booth #270 and add our sessions to your agenda. Learn how KPMG and Red Hat can help your organization remain competitive, pursue change, and become future ready, through agile, scalable, industry solutions that help you navigate complex hybrid, multicloud environments.

Speaking sessions

Attend a KPMG speaking session to learn how we helped clients modernize applications to meet the demands of the current marketplace.

From Fixer to Fintech: Modernizing Financial Services Architecture
Tuesday, May 23 | 3:30 p.m.-3:50 p.m.
Location: Discovery Theater 2

With superior scale and capital, why are traditional financial services businesses unable to match the pace and innovation of Fintechs? Frequently it is because they are held back by dependencies on legacy infrastructure and outdated SOA-era or earlier architectures.

New financial services entrants are combining nimble development methods with third-party capabilities, cloud-managed services,  and cloud scalability to efficiently deliver, experiment, and iterate—creating new product categories and refreshing old ones with engaging customer experiences.

How can a traditional business in a highly regulated industry modernize in-place and compete? In this talk we build a roadmap for taking systems architecture from legacy to modern. We will illuminate ways to unlock delivery speed, while maintaining quality, using modern architectural principles and Red Hat platforms and products. Learn how to incrementally move from legacy architecture to cloud native to hybrid cloud.


Jim Donaghy, Managing Director, KPMG

KPMG helps government organizations improve citizen outcomes with an integration platform
Wednesday, May 24 | 2:00 p.m.-2:45 p.m.
Location: Room 153B

The KPMG Resource Integration Suite (KRIS) Connected Platform is a SaaS-based integration, shared services, and data platform powered by Red Hat software that is designed to help organizations provide high-quality services through a modern, flexible approach to data sharing and interoperability. In this session, Mark Calem, Managing Director, will discuss the journey to create the KRIS Connected Platform for public sector clients, how KPMG has been able to solve other organization’s challenges with a common platform, and how this value applies to other sectors. Mark will explore how KRIS generates value by driving faster development of services, reducing total costs, and breaking down silos and rigid systems to provide more flexibility.


Marc Calem, Advisory Managing Director, KPMG

Debarshi Datta, Director of Solutions Architecture, KPMG

Swami Chandrasekeran, Principal, KPMG

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KPMG receives 2023 Red Hat Innovator of the Year Award


Don’t forget to stop by KPMG booth #270 to learn how we help clients with their cloud transformation journey. Learn more about:

  • The award-winning KPMG Resource Integration Suite (KRIS) Connected Platform that primarily uses Red Hat OpenShift to provide a central systems integration cloud platform to modernize government
  • The KPMG and Red Hat containerization hub – Customized offerings that enable organizations with a well-defined, guided roadmap to realize their goals and objectives in a methodical and logical manner.

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Debarshi Datta

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