ONESOURCE Tax Provision: How to get the most out of tools and automation

KPMG and Thomson Reuters | Direct Tax Podcast

Richard Cimino

Richard Cimino

Partner, Tax, KPMG US

+1 336-433-7085

Listen to KPMG LLP (KPMG) and Thomson Reuters’ new podcast focused on ONESOURCE Tax Provision: How to get the most out of tools and automation.

During this podcast, Cory McClure, KPMG Alliances Director and Andy Maryott, KPMG Tax & Business Services Director, join Jake Mattern, Thomson Reuters Senior Solution Consultant, to discuss current direct tax issues.

Related podcasts address some of the most pressing issues facing indirect and direct tax in the modern business world. We explore key topics through interviews with industry leaders from KPMG, Thomson Reuters, and beyond. Unlike webcasts, which go deeper into the technical aspects of tax developments, these episodes are designed to be brief, engaging, and conversational—focused on thematic developments affecting tax departments today.

As a Diamond-level certified implementation partner, KPMG and Thomson Reuters team together to provide our clients the consulting and implementation services needed to realize value in their investment in the Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE suite of tax solutions.

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