Addressing the tax challenges of a shifting communications industry landscape

Webcast overview

The communications industry today is constantly changing, with significant differences in service delivery models over the last few years. The evolution of new communications services and technologies, like IoT, Hosted Solutions, Video Streaming, and other emerging services, means companies that were never viewed as selling telecommunications service are now competing with the industry titans. The emergence of these non-traditional communications service providers has rippled into the tax domain and created its own unique set of challenges.

KPMG LLP and Vertex are working together to help companies who are facing communications tax challenges to ensure compliance with tax laws and reduce audit risk. We are pleased to invite you to a one-hour webinar for a discussion of the following topics, including a real-world example from a non-traditional communication service provider:

  • What are the general characteristics of a non-traditional communications service provider, and how do these providers differ from traditional communications companies?
  • What are some service offerings that may cause taxing authorities to view a company as a communications service provider when the company was not selling telecommunications service before?
  • What tax challenges do these non-traditional service providers need to address that they may not have encountered outside the communications service area?
  • How can companies add communications tax technology to support their existing indirect tax determination processes?


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