KPMG and BlackBerry | Exploring Ransomware Root Causes and Trends

Webcast overview

Cyberattacks are no longer a matter of if but when. Losing intellectual property, customer data, and sensitive information can cause severe financial and reputational damage, including disruption of business, litigation expenses, decreased customer loyalty, and loss of market competitiveness. Recent breaches highlight the increasing sophistication, stealth, and persistence of attackers who use next-generation tools and techniques to bypass current-state enterprise defenses.

Join KPMG and BlackBerry for a one-hour webinar where we discussed current ransomware root causes and trends. Specifically, why are ransomware events successful from initial infection through propagation? What are the most common control gaps that allow the attackers to be successful? Finally, we will discuss the bad actors’ increasing tendency to commit “layered extortion.” We hope that you will join us to learn where you might be vulnerable and how to protect yourself from future attacks. Register here


Ed Goings

Ed Goings

Principal, Cyber Security, KPMG US

Thomas Pace, Vice President, Global Enterprise Solutions, BlackBerry