KPMG and OneTrust | Future of privacy

Orson Lucas

Orson Lucas

Principal, Advisory, Cyber Security Services, KPMG US

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Webcast overview

Many organizations have already established the building blocks of privacy governance, but is it enough? Global privacy regulations are the new norm, and the business environment is competitive and ever changing, resulting in a sprawling data footprint that is expanding in size and in complexity. Organizations are seeking a next gen level of visibility into what data they’ve accumulated, as well as where that data is residing within their landscape and at third parties. Visibility is increasingly achievable with modern tools that provide valuable insights for leadership to more effectively make risk-based decisions, protect data, and enable trust.

Join KPMG and OneTrust to learn more about our approach to the future of privacy as we break down silos through technology integration and transition to a secure, compliant, connected enterprise.