KPMG and Appian | A faster way to leverage technology in response to COVID-19

Webcast overview

COVID-19 is requiring businesses to respond to rapidly and continuously changing operating and market conditions, unlike that of any previous economic downturn. Leaders know that digital solutions are needed to compete and survive, but how can digital transformation truly evolve your business and help you seize new opportunities when we face such tremendous change and uncertainty?

Digital transformation now means bringing speed and flexibility back to the business. Enter: Low-code automation.

Organizations can use low-code automation to quickly address business processes that have been impacted by the sudden shift to work-from-home models, expand or enhance the functionality of existing systems during a shift to a cloud-computing environment, or even replace legacy applications in the back office altogether.

Join KPMG and Appian for a discussion on the role of digital transformation today and how we can leverage low-code technology to make quick, impactful decisions with confidence. Register here.


Rajesh Santhanam

Rajesh Santhanam

Managing Director, Digital Enablement, KPMG US

Marc Wilson

Marc Wilson

Founder and SVP Global Partnerships & Industries, Appian