Webcast | Finance's key role in building the data-driven enterprise

Webcast overview

The finance function has become a pivotal player in performance management, strategy, operational improvement, and digital transformation. Once solely occupied with control, compliance, and reporting, finance today is poised to lead organizations into the digital future, discovering new forms of value creation along the way.

However, in many finance functions, the digital future remains a long way off. In fact, 77% of respondents to a new Pulse Survey by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services say they’re still relying a lot or a fair amount on labor-intensive manual processes to collect and use data.

On July 20, in a live, interactive webinar, Alex Clemente of HBR-AS will share the results of this survey about finance’s role in building the data-driven enterprise.

He will then lead a discussion with two experts on how the finance function is becoming more data-driven, with Folia Grace, a vice president at Workday, and Karen Schreiber, a principal at KPMG. They will share their perspectives on HBR-AS’s survey results and will discuss:

  • What it means to use data and analytics to create a decision-ready organization.
  • How finance can accelerate its data and analytics journey.
  • The gaps and barriers between how the finance function works today and how leading organizations are moving finance to a data-centric future.
  • The investments in technology, skills, and cultural changes needed to create a data-ready organization.

CEOs and boards are increasingly looking to the office of the CFO to guide their digital transformation strategies. Is your finance function up to the task?

For insights on how to accelerate your finance department’s data and analytics journey, join Folia Grace, Karen Schreiber, and Alex Clemente on July 20 for this HBR-AS webinar on finance’s role in the data-driven enterprise.


Karen Schreiber

Karen Schreiber

Principal, Advisory, Finance Transformation, KPMG LLP