Having a resilient “Future-Proof” tax department

Webcast overview

It has become even more pronounced, in a COVID-19 world, the need to work more efficiently. Corporate tax departments already had a steadily increasing workload before the current crisis. They have been learning first-hand, under the pressure of mandated work-from-home, just how resilient their systems and how adaptable their people are. To thrive going forward, they will need to prioritize technology and people, building and refining systems that increase efficiency and value.

In this webinar, our panel of experts will shine a light on crucial topics, including:

  • What does a "future proof" tax department look like? 
  • How could a tax department be flexible to the current economic environment and tax regulations?
  • What kind of data strategy and technology solutions should be in place to enable tax departments to pivot and execute goals and focus areas? 
  • How can tax teams leverage the pandemic disruption to present their value case for tax sensitization of data in the ERP, tax process automation in terms that key stakeholders can understand? 
  • How can tax departments get approval for needed technology during times of budget cuts, freezes, and "necessary expenses?"
  • What are the critical planning changes tax teams need to make so that they can stay ahead of the curve and remain "future proof" even after winning the value case?