ServiceNow Workplace Service Delivery Webinar

Webcast overview

As employees and our workplaces meet again, expectations have shifted, and needs have increased. Facilities teams and building managers are being met with new and evolving demands to efficiently support their hybrid workforces, and many employees are experiencing their company’s workplace for the first time.

Hear from KPMG and ServiceNow about how ServiceNow’s Workplace Service Delivery solution meets the needs of the distributed workforce while supporting workplace teams.

Our speakers show real-world examples and share the leading approaches for:

  • Welcoming employees back to the workplace with an employee-ready working environment 
  • Meeting employee expectations of flexibility while maintaining productivity and culture 
  • Defining the use of real estate and space for the hybrid workforce and new ways of working.

Featured speakers

Doug Burr

Doug Burr

Director, Real Estate & Facilities Management, KPMG US