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Intent-driven engagement

Customer service organizations often struggle with disjointed channels, inconsistent customer experiences, an over-reliance on phone-based agents, and poor issue resolution— while facing internal pressures to reduce costs. With intent-based engagement, these same organizations can anticipate and act on customer needs across channels, helping reduce the time needed to determine the problem and deliver a successful outcome.

The [24] interaction technologies portfolio includes digital marketing and assisted sales capabilities from their Customer Acquisition Cloud, including personalization, predictive search bidding, and predictive chat, as well as self-service and live service capabilities from their Customer Engagement Cloud, including virtual agent, speech, Active Share, live chat, and digital chat agents. 

KPMG LLP has deep experience in transforming enterprise customer contact centers, customer service, and CX capabilities. By combining [24]’s software and tools with KPMG capabilities and services, we help enterprises acquire, expand, and retain their customer base through acquisition, automation, digitization of customer service interactions, and loyalty. Through customer service and digital transformation, KPMG can guide your enterprise to help convert prospects into clients, reduce costs through self-service, move customers onto efficient and effective digital channels, orchestrate and integrate your disparate channels for an end-to-end experience and grow lifetime value by improving customer satisfaction.

Julio J. Hernandez

Julio J. Hernandez

Global and U.S. Customer Advisory Lead, KPMG US

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