KPMG and Acoustic

Deliver consistent, personalized marketing across channels

Customer and prospect interactions have digitized over the past decade. Cell phones, laptops, tablets, and computers enable people to engage with your company via email, chat, and text. They can also choose from a myriad of interaction points ranging from Facebook to TikTok and Twitter to YouTube.

At the same time, customers and prospects demand personalized experiences. They expect tailored interactions and recommendations based on their previous and most recent behavior. These proliferating digital channels and personalization requirements are driving change in marketing departments.

Facing pressure to do more with fewer resources, marketers need tools that easily and effectively deliver consistent, personalized experiences across each channel. These capabilities include segmentation to identify audiences, automation to deliver campaigns through scheduled and triggered interactions, and centralized collection of interaction data to analyze behavior.

KPMG LLP and Acoustic can assist enterprises of all sizes with automating and optimizing customer and prospect engagement for lead generation, growth, retention, and winback. Combining marketing know-how from KPMG with the highly regarded Acoustic Marketing Cloud empowers marketers to coordinate activities across channels and accelerate the delivery of consistent, personalized communications and offers.

Ryan Doubet

Ryan Doubet

Managing Director, Customer Advisory, Marketing Consulting, KPMG LLP

+1 612-991-2954

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