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Global Mobility and Relocation Management

As companies send more people to work outside their home location—and in a wider variety of roles—the logistics of managing a global workforce become more complex. Generally, companies engage a relocation provider to handle move logistics and employee communication while a tax provider delivers thorough cost estimates, performs tax compliance processes, and calculates payroll withholdings. Lack of communication between the two leads to duplication of efforts, gaps in compliance, and a disjointed experience for mobile employees and their program managers.

KPMG LLP and Aires can simplify the complexity of managing a global workforce. With successful mutual engagements at multiple global organizations, KPMG and Aires recognize the significant synergies that a joint approach and technology integration can bring, including:

  • Increased communication in a single portal
  • Enhanced compliance reporting and visibility into the compliance process
  • Streamlined, policy-based cost projections.

KPMG and Aires’ combined approach can simplify your effort in managing assignments and complying with international tax and immigration regulations.


Anna Wheeler

Anna Wheeler

Principal, Global Mobility Services, KPMG US

+1 704-371-5241

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