KPMG and Aires

Global Mobility and Relocation management

Anna Wheeler

Anna Wheeler

Principal, Global Mobility Services, KPMG US

+1 704-371-5241

In today’s connected world, companies send more people to work outside their home location, in a wider variety of roles. These mobile employees help companies respond to emerging opportunities, innovate in new markets, and share leading practices. Yet moving, managing, and paying your global workforce is complicated.

The integration of Aires’ MobilityX with KPMG LINK Work Force creates a shared platform where assignees, mobility program managers, and Tax professionals can all share information about the relocation and compliance processes. Through established APIs, your company can easily combine compliance information with relocation project management to create a cohesive experience for both assignees and HR and tax managers. The solution consists of three key components:

KPMG and Aires’ combined approach can simplify your effort in managing assignments and complying with international tax and immigration regulations.


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