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So you have Alteryx – what’s next?

Amit Ringshia

Amit Ringshia

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Thomas Haslam

Thomas Haslam

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Discover the value and an accelerated path to self-service Analytic Process Automation through a Classroom2Business team workshop

  • KPMG will help you understand the potential benefits ts of Alteryx through a rapid discovery workshop designed to quickly help you jump-start your Analytic Process Automation (APA)journey, in conjunction with Alteryx.
  • Learn well-established practices, ideation for solutions, security, useability, and efficiency, and an exploration of accelerators that can speed time-to- value for your organization, and help develop a rapid success strategy.
  • Experienced KPMG business professionals— with tax, finance, technology, business process, and industry knowledge — work closely with your organization to help you develop a high-level approach that considers the areas of process, people, and controls while using intuitive tools, technology, and automation. The workshop will be tailored to include all interested organization participants, and fit a defined timeline.

Data Transformation - Classroom to Business with Alteryx and KPMG

Jumpstart your journey to data transformation with the KPMG Alteryx Classroom2Business team workshops.


Is data driving your business transformation?

How can you make strategic, data-driven decisions if your data is locked away in spreadsheets, dashboards and desktops?

Unlock the value of your organization’s data with Analytics Automation from Alteryx and KPMG.

Now is your opportunity to democratize your data and analytics, simplify and improve processes, and upskill your team.

Take advantage of the partnership between KPMG and Alteryx.

KPMG brings you their tax and consulting experience, and a holistic data strategy.

Alteryx brings you the tools to move, transform, and analyze your data to deliver automated insights, no matter where your data resides, on prem or in the cloud. 

Working together, they empower your organizational data and bring you transformation fueled by insight.

Jumpstart your journey to data transformation with our Classroom2Business team workshops.

In these rapid discovery workshops, a KPMG professional will help you: define your opportunity, build out a workable approach, and design your path forward.

How have past participants benefited from the Classroom2Business workshops? One said: 

“The KPMG team has helped us learn how to think through the question, “What is the most effective way to approach automating our processes?”.  Working through the answers to this question has provided value far beyond just learning how to use Alteryx and will be invaluable as we continue our automation/transformation journey.”

Scale up your Analytics Automation in weeks, not months and start to turn insight into opportunity.

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