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Automate tax data processes with KPMG and Alteryx

Irene Shen

Irene Shen

Partner, Tax, KPMG US

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For tax departments, analysis and planning is critical to making strategic decisions. Here, tax professionals can add value by determining ways to lower corporate tax liabilities and reduce exposure to risk. A constantly changing regulatory landscape only increases the complexity of analysis and elevates its importance.

KPMG provides the tax and technology-convergent resources and experience to help define a holistic data strategy. Alteryx provides automation tools for data management. Together, KPMG and Alteryx can help your tax professionals focus on strategic decisions, analysis, planning, and risk management.

The offering from KPMG and Alteryx streamlines the process from procurement to solution delivery. You can achieve end-to-end automation in weeks, not months, through an efficient, agile approach to implementation.