KPMG and Appian

Business transformation across people, processes and technology

KPMG has teamed with Appian to provide intelligent automation solutions and a wide range of integrated services offerings to advance your digital transformation.

Appian provides a low-code development platform that accelerates the creation of high-impact business applications, is built in the cloud or on premise, and is inherently mobile enabled. The platform can be used to write new apps from scratch, or to connect and enhance legacy applications already in place, without the need for data migration.

KPMG has extensive qualifications in intelligent automation and as an Appian Global Strategic Business Partner, KPMG and Appian work closely on client implementations globally. We have developed industry and functional solutions to drive operational efficiency and help accelerate business agility.

Todd Lohr

Todd Lohr

Principal, Digital Lighthouse Leader, KPMG US

+1 215-300-4600

Rey Villanueva

Rey Villanueva

Principal, Advisory, Digital Lighthouse, KPMG US

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KPMG and Appian’s integrated service offerings and solutions can help you deliver your business transformation initiatives from strategy to execution across people, processes, and technology.

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