The automotive industry spins into a new reality

Business disruption is constant; it is here to stay

Ehap Sabri

Ehap Sabri

Managing Director, Advisory, Supply Chain Lead for Industrial Manufacturing, KPMG US

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Over the past few decades, automobile-related supply chains have been relatively mature, stable, and predictable; today, the road ahead is no longer certain. Several forces are converging to create a new set of challenges.

The ever-evolving geopolitical environment, the move toward economic nationalism, the technology revolution, and rising customer expectations have been exacerbated by the recent pandemic — accelerating this industry to a new reality.

For the automotive industry to not only survive but also succeed in this new reality, it is incumbent on them to rethink their entire business operations, transform their supply chain capabilities, and embrace the opportunities of digital technologies.

KPMG and Blue Yonder, through a winning formula, help their clients achieve this transformation.

Accelerating your road to recovery

This winning formula allows KPMG and Blue Yonder to deliver a set of advanced automotive supply chain capabilities that are business critical to survival. We use technology as an enabler and leverage cloud, AI, and ML alongside big data sources to unlock the value in your supply chain.

Digitally enabled, business first — A winning formula

A close alignment of business values and goals help KPMG and Blue Yonder address and prioritize their clients’ business challenges. We respond to these challenges through our digitally enabled, business-first solutions to serve all industries.

Our supply chain and operations solutions increase agility and visibility while delivering on the new business imperative—resilience.

Together we take the complexity out of your supply chain transformation, and no matter where you are on your transformation, we are with you every step of the way.

We have the people, the technology, and the processes to make it happen.

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