Case Commons | Open the door to modern human services

On the front lines of caring for America’s most vulnerable population, caseworkers need access to real-time information to make the profound decisions they face every day.

Mark Calem

Mark Calem

Advisory Managing Director, Health & Government Solutions, KPMG LLP

+1 703-286-8624

KPMG’s Health and Human Services (HHS) professionals have more than 100 years of combined experience with state child welfare departments and their information systems. But KPMG does not merely build IT systems to automate your existing processes. Instead, our HHS professionals focus on agency transformation so that you can measurably improve your service delivery to children and families. In fact, KPMG is the leader in business intelligence, compliance, and project oversight for large, HHS transformation projects in the public sector.

Case Commons: Driving improved outcomes

Case Commons’ platform, Casebook, uses intuitive design to meet the needs of caseworkers and administrators. Winner of a prestigious Code for America Technology Award as well as UX Magazine’s International Design for Experience Award, Casebook is recognized across the HHS field for its groundbreaking graphical user interface. This innovative, intuitive software incorporates social media concepts instantly familiar to the next-generation social worker.

The KPMG Resource Integration Suite for Child Welfare, built on Casebook

The KPMG Resource Integration Suite for Child Welfare (KRIS-CW) is a nimble and rapidly deployable set of technology capabilities and leading practices, offering clients the Casebook Platform – a tested alternative to traditional solutions. KPMG’s KRIS-CW solution utilizes the Casebook platform, to help support state agencies capitalize on this legislation. By forging a solution based on the strengths of both companies, KPMG and Case Commons can help your agency streamline migration to a next-generation case management system and deliver significant, measurable outcomes.

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