KPMG and Celonis

Process Intelligence with KPMG and Celonis

Technological innovations and growing regulatory demands give rise to new uncertainties and increase the overall level of complexity of business processes. This, in turn, often results in rising costs, hidden operational inefficiencies and errors, or might even lead to deliberate acts of noncompliance—all of which can bring reputational damage and/or financial loss to an organization.

Powered by our combined capabilities, KPMG and Celonis are providing a process mining solution that helps enable customers to achieve process excellence by drawing data from underlying systems, identifying inefficiencies, and providing the knowledge, actions, and automation to reduce friction in business processes.

Together, we bring a differentiated and innovative approach to addressing client pain points associated with continuously changing processes, risks, and technologies to help achieve the desired outcomes for customers, employees, and regulators.

Todd Lohr

Todd Lohr

Principal, Digital Lighthouse Leader, KPMG US

+1 215-300-4600

Todd Babione

Todd Babione

Principal, GRC Technology, KPMG US

+1 614-249-1957

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