KPMG and Coin Metrics

The cryptoeconomy requires trusted data and insights for adoption

As the financial services industry ventures deeper into digital assets, it is crucial for companies to adopt crypto to compete. Overcoming the challenges involved in activating and integrating new crypto and digital assets capabilities begins with trusted data that drives insights and business intelligence. Coin Metrics helps solve these challenges by running resilient node infrastructure across more than 30 public blockchains to ingest, structure, and deliver performance institutional network data products.

KPMG has built a dedicated team and a center of excellence to address the challenges and accelerate entry into the cryptospace. Fundamental to the effort is the new alliance with Coin Metrics.

The result of our alliance combines Coin Metrics’ data products, KPMG Chain Fusion’s suite of accelerators, and Coin Metrics’ FarumTM, a first-of-its-kind blockchain risk management tool. Collectively, this suite of accelerators helps address core challenges in adopting digital assets and advances the industry narrative on blockchain risk management with a novel commercial solution.

Arun Ghosh

Arun Ghosh

One Americas Blockchain & Cryptoassets Leader, KPMG US

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