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The cryptoeconomy requires trusted data and insights for adoption

Arun Ghosh

Arun Ghosh

One Americas Blockchain & Cryptoassets Leader, KPMG US

As the financial services industry ventures deeper into digital assets, it is crucial for companies to adopt crypto to compete. Overcoming the challenges involved in activating and integrating new crypto and digital assets capabilities begins with trusted data that drives insights and business intelligence.

Crypto and digital assets are playing an increasingly significant role in the financial services industry—across central, national, and institutional banks, alongside cryptonative exchanges to custodians. Many traditional players, grappling with a new world of data from public blockchains that must be ingested and analyzed alongside traditional information systems behind the existing business, are launching commercial and retail cryptoasset businesses to compete in the digital economy.

Blockchains and traditional information systems are fundamentally different—and that simple fact represents the barrier to overcome. Staying in sync with blockchain networks and extracting data stored in cryptographically compressed “blocks” creates unique challenges.

The KPMG and Coin Metrics alliance will also help drive market deployments and client integrations of Coin Metrics’ new blockchain risk analytics product, Farum, which allows organizations to monitor and manage network attacks, transaction reorganizations, fee volatility, and unusual network event risks. Farum’s conventional and unconventional data sources are ingested from blockchain nodes, mining pools, and hash rate markets, giving users a view of the past, present, and future transaction settlement likelihood.

KPMG has built a dedicated team and a center of excellence to address the challenges and accelerate entry into the cryptospace. Fundamental to the effort is the new alliance with Coin Metrics.