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Every industry, every function, every stakeholder wins . KPMG and Coupa: Better together.

Companies today face disruption from competitors and new entrants that upend established business models by leveraging new technologies. These competitive pressures demand that you extract value from every operation, leaving no room for waste or inefficiency. Improving processes and leveraging the right technology can help you maintain your competitive edge.

Coupa’s cloud-based business spend management platform supports the entire spectrum of the source- to-pay process—including contracts, inventory, sourcing, and supplier management. It is designed to give organizations visibility and control over the ways spend happens in the organization—procurement, expenses, and accounts payable. Coupa provides visibility to analyze enterprise-wide spend and make effective sourcing decisions, all while delivering transactional efficiencies via automation.

KPMG can help you realize the value of your investment in Coupa by streamlining and automating the processes around indirect tax and coordinating these enhancements with the Coupa solution. The KPMG team has the experience and know-how to develop an effective framework around the AP process, automate tax decisions, and create a streamlined reporting process, each of which helps you reduce costs and increase cash flow.


Every industry, every function, every stakeholder wins. KPMG and Coupa: Better together.

Winning organizations embarking on a technology transformation understand that defining key metrics for transformation success will deliver a strategic advantage -

To achieve this, the business must have a clear technology strategy in place aligned to their KPIs and business ambitions.

KPMG and Coupa help organizations deliver a strategic advantage.

Right from start of our engagement, we help define and establish critical metrics for your transformation success.

Right from start of our engagement, we help define and establish critical metrics for your transformation success.

We bring extensive functional transformation experience, deep insights, leading AI, and technical capabilities to unleash new levels of strategic value

Our cross-industry experience along with the years of experience gained in Coupa-enabled transformations means we can quickly understand the complexities and nuances of your business. We then fine tune the KPMG procurement solution to help you deliver against your business and procurement ambitions.

This powerful combination provides a springboard for long-term success.

And our proprietary methodologies, accelerators and pre-built Coupa assets, help us to set up, test, and deploy your solution quickly, enable your stakeholders for long-term user adoption and optimize your operating model

Fueled by the KPMG Powered Procurement technologies, our solution is customized to your own unique business and technical needs.

– It unlocks the opportunity to revolutionize how your business and functions operate.

This means we not only deliver and integrate business processes but give you access to greater insights, so you can have better visibility and control across the organization.

The result? Everyone wins with KPMG and Coupa. Every industry – Every stakeholder – every function

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