Driving impactful business results with change management

Organizations that focus on their people at the start of a Coupa transformation will realize sustained business value.

Across all industries, the full promise of business transformation, often enabled by technology modernization, is being missed because of a consistent inability to properly inform, motivate, and integrate key people and talent.

Transformations, especially those with the complexity of procurement that typically involve all or most employees that enable self-service purchasing of goods and services, are fundamentally difficult processes. From designing the system, to troubleshooting issues, to running test scenarios, these transformations involve a myriad of different functional areas and tasks.

Change management, a key part of any transformation, can feel like an afterthought. KPMG understands that the success of any transformation lies not only in delivering the right product for your people, but in creating the right employee experience to maximize adoption of the future state. Often, large transformations introduce too much change too quickly, preventing the organization from absorbing the change. This leads to employee burnout, and eventually, failure of the program.

With KPMG LLP's Change by Design approach, employees across the organization will experience a change journey designed to provide intentional and relevant change activities throughout the transformation instead of being asked to absorb a high volume of change all at once. So how do we do it?
Before a proper plan for change can be created, it is imperative that we understand the unique company and employees. The KPMG differentiator is our codified methodology for tailoring change experiences by personalized needs. Our main goal during any business transformation is to bring employees along the journey. We give them a voice in the design process and create an experience where they are part of the change. Through meaningful stakeholder engagement activities, KPMG has a structured and systematic way of establishing a two-way dialog with all stakeholders in the transformation process to fully understand the nuances.

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