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Annie McMillan

Annie McMillan

Managing Director, Procurement and Business Services, KPMG US

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Contracts are typically stored in numerous locations, which is often one of the initial challenges as businesses prepare to migrate their contracts. Beyond locating and retrieving contracts, businesses often face the daunting task of capturing contractual information to enable key-functionality provided by Coupa.

With these challenges in mind, businesses can choose to either conduct migration activities manually or leverage technology. While both options are feasible, technology will deliver greater process efficiencies, richer insights, and greater accuracy.

Many leading companies are applying artificial intelligence, informed by Coupa domain experts, to help them accelerate their transformation programs, enabling them to capture the maximum value from their contracts and platform.

KPMG and Coupa help organizations take this technology-led approach.

KPMG technology-led approach

Our technology-led approach is informed by humans. We align the right people, tools, technologies, and processes to enable a successful transformation.

Cross-industry and functional experience, along with leading AI capabilities embedded within Cognitive Contract Management, seamlessly integrate with all Coupa technologies to help clients harness the hidden value contained within the Coupa platform. We help clients extract maximum contract value and accelerate their Coupa journey.