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The challenge

Evolving regulatory changes, disruptive technologies, process improvements, and new market opportunities are likely to pose further challenges as your business moves forward.

Failing to keep up could lead to your Coupa platform becoming tomorrow’s legacy system and your current leading practices begin to lag behind advancements of the future.

Retaining and fully utilizing the skilled resources required for your transformation provides a particular challenge. Important new releases for your Coupa platform are provided three times per year. These require an understanding on how they impact your current operations and need to be implemented efficiently. But maintaining a dedicated team with particular skills and know-how that is only required a few times a year is not cost effective to your business.

Deriving ongoing value from your transformation requires a more agile approach.

The solution

KPMG Powered Evolution delivers tested Coupa capability combined with the leading practices and processes needed to help you remain flexible and adaptive in a world of evolving requirements.

Powered Evolution offers the right blend of Coupa skills and resources to support the ongoing change necessary to keep your business driving forward. When needed, Powered Evolution can also provide the operational flexibility and scale to support tactical procurement services within Coupa.

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KPMG Powered Evolution
Drive future transformation

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