A modern approach to integration

Business focused. Data first. API-led.

Integration is no longer about connecting systems … a digital business requires a connected enterprise across people, process, data, and technology.

Right from the start of a client engagement KPMG aligns the right people, processes, data, and technologies to enable a connected digital enterprise.

KPMG brings a wealth of cross-industry and integration experience to the table; this means that our people understand your industry, your business and importantly how your data moves across the enterprise. We know how to seamlessly integrate your data into the Coupa Business Spend Management (BSM) platform to extract new levels of data and platform value.

Predefined-assets, Coupa frameworks, and leading business processes help us to simplify and accelerate your data-integration program. This powerful combination is essential for clients to achieve digital transformation success.


Coupa integrations done right, right from the start.

Accelerate your data integrations with our pre-built assets.

Library of pre-built Coupa integrations across 5 platforms (MuleSoft, SnapLogic, IICS, Boomi, SAP CPI)

Integration as a Service

Effortless integration, at your service.

Revolutionize your data landscape with integration as a service

  • Reduce operational complexity
  • Increase efficiency
  • Amplify ROI

We build integrations in innovative iPAAS technologies,

We deploy code in KPMG owned environment,

We manage the environment.

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A modern approach to integration

Winning organizations are harnessing modern methods of data integration during their digital transformation journeys to help them successfully achieve transformation success.

These modern methods help digital enterprises to build connected businesses. Which is a critical enabler to business value and growth. For many organizations, data integration is a major roadblock to their procurement, transformation efforts and initiatives.

KPMG removes these data barriers for Coupa clients through our modern method of enterprise integration. This business-focused, data first, API LED approach helps clients to capture, extract, and integrate all data into Coupa to unlock new levels of data and platform value.

Our business focused approach leverages cross industry and data integration expertise. This means that we understand your business and how your data moves across the enterprise. We then integrate this data into Coupa to unleash new levels of business value.

This API LED approach streamlines the integration, reduces deployment complexity and increases application reliability. The combination of our data first approach, with the Coupa Integration framework, pre built assets and leading practices allows us to simplify and accelerate your data integration program. This powerful combination is essential for achieving digital transformation success.

This means that organizations have better control and governance over data and benefit from reduced time value, reduced risk and reduced cost. This modern method of integration is yet another example of how KPMG can help organizations embarking on procurement transformation with Coupa to win.

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