Seize the ESG opportunity with KPMG and Coupa

KPMG is helping organizations to seize opportunities through our purpose-driven with profits approach to transformation, enabled by Coupa.

Procurement is key to a successful ESG strategy

Over the past several years the world has changed. Geopolitics have shifted towards climate focused-governments, standards and regulations have evolved and technology is changing the art of the possible. More importantly, customers now expect organizations to make positive contributions to society and the planet.

Regulators, investors, and other stakeholders are driving companies towards ESG reporting. Capital markets expect ESG focus and performance from companies. Customers, consumers, employees, and investors require companies to have purpose beyond making money for shareholders. All this is driving a need for ESG transformation.

Procurement sits at the center of an ESG strategy. It plays a leading role in all ESG strategies. The only way to drive ESG goals is on the solid foundation of a procurement transformation program fueled by innovative technologies. KPMG and Coupa help build this procurement capability.


Over the past several years, the world has changed - customers, consumers, employees, and investors are demanding companies to have a purpose beyond making money for shareholders. That’s why purpose-driven organizations investing in sustainability will be first in line to unlock business value and enjoy greater market competitiveness.

And as these societal pressures collide with evolving standards and regulations, today’s organizations are left with no choice but to invest and advance their ESG transformation.

Procurement plays a vital role in delivering these environmental and sustainability strategies. Indeed, successful organizations are already applying innovative digital technologies to accelerate their Procurement transformations and achieve their ESG ambitions.

KPMG and Coupa help build this procurement capability. And through the delivery of a Purpose-driven transformation, enabled by Coupa’s Business spend management platform – we are supporting organizations to unlock ESG and business value.

We do this by leveraging our leading expertise and engaging multidisciplinary teams to design and deliver executable strategies and build sustainable business models that help clients achieve their environmental, societal, and financial goals.

This combination of KPMG assets, accelerators, and methodologies alongside Coupa’s Business Spend Management platform means that we not only can expedite these strategies but also deliver actionable reporting. This allows you to accurately monitor and track your progress on your transformation journey and ESG performance – in real-time.

In short, this powerful platform helps all business spend to become more sustainable and inclusive and provides organizations with better visibility and control across supply chains, enables greater supplier collaboration and empowers leaders to make informed decisions.

Together - KPMG and Coupa turn ESG into a competitive advantage.