KPMG and Databricks

Joint AI solutions drawing on KPMG industry and domain expertise, using the Databricks Lakehouse Platform

KPMG LLP (KPMG) and Databricks have established a strategic alliance and our technology specialists work closely with Databricks daily to provide our joint clients with data, analytics, and AI solutions using the Databricks Lakehouse Platform. KPMG draws upon extensive industry knowledge, deep domain experience, a broad understanding of business processes, and technology know-how at every stage of the implementation process.

KPMG and Databricks professionals can help develop a future-state roadmap aligned with the overall business vision of the customer, establish pipelines from existing data sources and data lakes to build the Data Lakehouse Platform, foster collaborative experiences between data scientists and engineers, and implement data policies that support data privacy regulations.

Additionally, KPMG offers a number of accelerators, frameworks, and tested methodologies to help optimize the strategy, design, implementation, and support for the Data Lakehouse.

Daniel Fisher

Daniel Fisher

Principal, Advisory, Digital Lighthouse, KPMG US

+1 214-840-2180

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