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Many companies struggle to be cost effective with both their software and their cloud spend.

Michael Adams

Michael Adams

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Cloud spend optimization can be surprisingly complex. Example complexities include:

  • The typical cloud bill can be hundreds of thousands to millions of lines long
  • Material and immaterial items are mixed together and difficult to identify
  • There is a constant stream of new instance types and services that limit standardization
  • Variable payment schedules complicate existing spend management practices
  • Very complex discounting structures confuse users
  • The large variety of users and budget holders exacerbates cloud sprawl
  • Resource owners often have little to no visibility into what their applications will cost in the cloud.

KPMG and Flexera help companies enhance their cloud investment

By combining a worldwide team of software licensing, software asset management, and cloud specialists, KPMG LLP (KPMG) delivers a leading-class solution to enhance cloud investments. KPMG professionals work with clients to identify wasted cloud spend and address gaps via automated and process-based solutions. As a foundational part of companies’ digital transformation strategies, cloud can deliver more, faster; but at the same time, this often results in wasted spend. Overspending creates opportunities for cost optimization. Dynamic consumption, fluid pricing, and lack of oversight are driving the need for cost transparency and controls.

Leveraging RightScale OptimaSM from Flexera, a leading cloud management platform, KPMG provides a thorough solution that helps clients to enhance their cloud investments.

RightScale Optima enables companies to:

  • Effectively tag, monitor and chargeback cloud spend
  • Identify unused or underused cloud resources
  • Drill down from summary data all the way to individual servers
  • Evaluate the most cost-effective regions and instance sizes
  • Identify the best discounting options based on your usage level
  • Manage your usage to leverage existing discounts
  • Automate alerts and snapshot cleanup
  • Implement budget controls to avoid surprises.

KPMG and Flexera have invested in a global team of specialized software license management professionals who understand licensing metrics, system integrations, and software asset management (SAM) processes. This team possesses deep technical and functional skills and can successfully identify areas where SAM solutions will drive significant cost savings across all types of on-premise and cloud software. The alliance has resulted in a portfolio of successful client engagements, strong references, and case studies. Because KPMG and Flexera approach your project with a common goal, you would work with a single, multidisciplinary team with a wealth of systems and compliance experience executing on a single, coordinated project plan.

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