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Predicting sepsis seven hours ahead of symptoms

Machine learning in the cloud derives life-saving predictions from real-time data, saving lives in the ICU.

Dion Sheidy

Dion Sheidy

Partner, Healthcare Advisory, KPMG US

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Today many healthcare organizations do not have a cohesive strategy to integrate data analytics into their hospitals operations. Bharat Rao, KPMG national healthcare analytics leader, discusses how a Data Transformation Hub establishes a key mechanism for transmitting information to secure, compliant environments in Google Cloud Platform for analysis, something that will “be relevant for every healthcare customer of Google.”

An early warning system that accurately predicts a patient’s condition might sound futuristic, but it’s not science fiction. It’s actually here. The sepsis-alert system, a collaborative effort among KPMG, Google Cloud, and a major Academic Medical Center, offers a glimpse into myriad game-changing possibilities for applying machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to healthcare. 

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