Client Story

Using machine-learning to transform data into lifesaving predictions

A new solution for securely transferring data yields a tool that can extend to every client.

Bharat Rao

Bharat Rao

Ph.D., Principal, Innovation & Enterprise Services, KPMG US

+1 267-256-5828

The Google Cloud Healthcare and Life Sciences team spoke with Bharat Rao, KPMG national leader for healthcare and life sciences analytics, about the potential for machine learning to derive life-saving, predictive insights from healthcare data in real-time.

“This is healthcare," said Rao. "Unique not just in its complexity, but also in the fact that it needs to be treated with privacy and care, accounting for HIPAA, the new CCPA act that's coming up, and each client’s unique security needs. KPMG brings domain knowledge of compliance, security, and privacy in healthcare and merges it with the great technical know-how and capabilities of Google Cloud to help solve amazing problems for our clients.” 

KPMG brought our expertise to build a Data Transformation and Migration Hub, which essentially takes real-time feeds of HL7 data from anywhere in the hospital and transmits them to Google Cloud. The hub is not a one-off, related to just sepsis or AI algorithms. It’s a tool that can extend to any client who has issues with securing data and moving it to the cloud.

Deploying ML in Healthcare using the Data Transformation and Migration hub

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