KPMG and Google

Solutions to help enrich the customer experience and accelerate digital transformation

KPMG and Google are helping organizations to transform their business and operating models with secure cloud computing, machine learning (ML), enterprise mobility and advanced analytics technologies.

As part of the collaboration, KPMG is creating a portfolio of industry solutions built on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). KPMG member firms are engaging with clients on solutions for financial services, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, and retail, among other industries. These solutions, including customer service solutions, contract management, cyber security, regulatory compliance and business and process performance, will benefit from GCP’s trusted security, advanced data analytics and ML.

The alliance allows clients to take advantage of GCP-based solutions as part of the KPMG Ignite portfolio of AI capabilities,  KPMG’s Center of Excellence for Data & Analytics and Intelligent Automation, and KPMG’s 65 Google Cloud certified consultants. The center has established a KPMG GCP ‘lab’ to foster experimentation and collaboration with Google Cloud on client use cases.

S. Singh Mecker

S. Singh Mecker

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