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Vinodh Swaminathan

Vinodh Swaminathan

Global Lead Partner & Principal, KPMG US

+1 203-940-1284

Having complex IT environments, legacy architecture, and disparate systems means that information resides in multiple sources across the entire enterprise.

Investments in data lakes and data warehouses are tried and tested solutions, but can be resource intensive and time consuming. The ability to access the right data to maintain control, to govern, and to trust data from different systems is therefore a real issue.

KPMG Data Mesh with IBM Technology unlocks your assets to give you a 360-degree view of your data in a modern virtual command center. This solution enables your resources to focus on higher value activities such as data analytics and insight generation, while consistently governing and securing data across the enterprise.

We bring together IBM’s leading hybrid multicloud technology with KPMG industry, risk, and governance experience to help clients reap business benefits from IT. 

Experienced specialists from both teams collaborate to deliver a solution that meets the client’s unique business objectives.

Modernize your enterprise data operations with KPMG Data Mesh

Become a data-driven organization faster with KPMG Data Mesh, a modern virtual command center for data operations.