IBM Watson | Return to Campus

Data-driven decisions for returning students to campus

Dan Feitelberg

Dan Feitelberg

Advisory Principal, Infrastructure, KPMG US

+1 415-963-8650

Higher education institutions have to balance the short-term challenges with the longer-term impacts. Decision-makers are grappling with a multitude of considerations from housing and food security to communications and governance to screening and patient care. With so much uncertainty, it can be difficult to predict the right moves and to implement a proper plan at scale. Data can help bring clarity and precision.

To help universities and colleges make data-driven decisions about when and how to bring students, faculty, and staff back to campus in a safer manner, KPMG and IBM are combining specialized technology from Watson Health with the dynamic, risk-based framework, technology implementation, and supporting advisory services of KPMG LLP (KPMG).

The KPMG and IBM alliance is committed to helping colleges and universities carry out their missions. We will apply our experience teaming together on large scale, innovative projects for clients across the public and private sectors to bring the support higher education institutions need in today’s challenging times. 

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