KPMG Powered Data Migration enabled by Informatica

A holistic approach to data migration

KPMG Powered Data Migration enabled by Informatica provides a different approach to data migration. It offers a business-led solution that will help you eliminate many of the pitfalls of traditional technology-only processes which tend to focus on extract/transfer/load (ETL) models—and are often not enough to achieve clean, functional data transfer.

With Powered Data Migration, you can put a strategy in place that considers all the planning, processes, people and technologies that should be involved in data migration. Our pre-built accelerators help you quickly employ Informatica software to get to value faster. You’ll not only have access to ETL functionality, analytics and visualization dashboards, but you’ll also be able to take advantage of KPMG business, risk, legal and compliance experience.

And with a variety of service delivery options, we can provide a lighter touch solution that is faster to implement, or a more comprehensive one that supports multi-phased global migrations.

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