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Jason Galloway

Jason Galloway

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Extract more value from your marketing spend          

What if you could save 10 percent or 15 percent from $100 million of your marketing spend? Such a savings could dramatically impact your company’s pipeline and bottom line—especially with today’s marketing budgets under pressure to accomplish more with less.

In large organizations, CMOs, CPOs, and CFOs all collaborate on marketing spend, striving to extract the most from every dollar spent. Marketing leaders execute the campaigns and programs that generate leads and revenue for the business. Procurement executives negotiate and maintain competitive supply chain costs for marketing materials. Finance leaders monitor costs across marketing and all departments and allocate the budget to maintain the company’s competitive advantage. Marketing, procurement, and finance executives all have a vested interest in maximizing marketing return on investment (ROI).

Yet, they face challenges that include high unit marketing costs, lower impact from the marketing budget than intended, and the diluted control over spend that comes from engaging multiple suppliers in multiple business units. The challenges are seen across multiple categories, but especially in the areas of print, branded merchandise, and point-of-purchase marketing items where organizations spend multiple millions annually.

When the organization has clear visibility into their print marketing spend, and when the end user has a ‘guided’ buying-channel experience, execution is integrated across channels and campaigns. This can result in faster lead times, flawless delivery, and improved ROI.

The alliance between KPMG and InnerWorkings helps you achieve these results by transforming marketing execution through technology and innovation. KPMG brings extensive experience in controlling spend, developing strategies to manage suppliers, improving efficiencies, and identifying areas where technology will drive savings. InnerWorkings specializes in the sourcing, production, and delivery of branded materials across channels and geographies. Together, KPMG and InnerWorkings can help you deliver high-impact, cross-channel marketing campaigns and programs, while realizing improved efficiency, transparency, and meaningful savings.

KPMG and InnerWorkings’ joint solution helps clients achieve campaign success and ROI through cost savings and streamlined processes. Based on KPMG and InnerWorkings experience, potential savings are often in the range of 10 percent or more of total spend on printed materials, branded merchandise, and other related marketing categories.  By focusing where others do not you gain a competitive advantage. Combining KPMG’s deep understanding of marketing and procurement challenges with InnerWorkings’ marketing execution capabilities results in enhanced marketing execution—that is, lower costs and greater ROI—for your company.

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